Benevolent Lodge Project

Another project of the Foundation has been the restoration of Benevolent Hall under the direction of Mr. Holton Dickenson. This early Nineteenth Century building was on the verge of falling down and being buried in the thorn bushes. Mr. Poley, as he is affectionately called, had the land cleared, the cistern restored, the hall re-roofed. He also restored the interior and its benches. While more work needs to be done, this was a major project of historical preservation and the building is secure. Thank you Mr. Poley!

Helen Krieble, President

June, 2015


2012 – 2014




100 year anniversary of the reorganization of the Benevolent Union Association

The Year is 1915 …. Evening of  March 29th. By Candy Herwin The year is 1915 and the first world war raged across Europe.Many men from the Colonies wanted to join the war effort. Courageous men loyal to the Crown volunteered their services and joined the West Indies Regiment. Gifts were sent from various territories including sugar, rum, …

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The Old ‘Benevolent Society’ aka ‘Brotherhood Lodge’

Revival of the ‘Friendly Society circa 1830’ and its historic and Community Importance By Candy Herwin The Old ‘Benevolent Society’ aka ‘Brotherhood Lodge’  Another intriguing tourist attraction for Salt Cay is gradually being restored  as the renovations move forward  providing further historic evidence of a bygone era and supporting the notion that visitors to the island “step …

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