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Salt Cay News Excerpts

1857, Sept 28, New York Times, News of the Day:

We have received advices from Turks Islands to the 5th of Sept. ist. At that date the salt market was very dull, with only two small vessels loading in the port of Grand Turk. The rain that fell immediately previous to the 5th had seriously damaged most of the pans at the Cay, and many of the proprietors believed that the salt season was at an end. There was on hand at Grand Turk several hundred thousand bushels at 10 cents.

1859, June 29, New York Times, News of the Day:

By the bark Almira Coombes, Captain Drinkwater, from Salt Cay, Turks Island, we have the Royal Gazette to the 15th ins. Salt was plenty at 7 cents. Provisions scarce and high.

1871, Dec 14, New York Times, Marine Intelligence:

Arrived: Bark James and Richard Walsh, (of Cork,) Herbert, Salt Cay, T.I..18ds., with salt to Nickerson & Co — vessel to Borland, Dearborn & Co. Dec. t, off Hateras, Benjamin Price, seaman, a native of Gloucester, aged 17 years, fell from fore topsail-yard to the deck and died 4 hours after.

1871, Dec 26, New York Times, Marine Intelligence:

Brig H. S. Bishop (of Harpswell,) Webber, Martinique, via St. Thomas and Salt Cay, T.I., 22 ds., with salt to J.L. Nickerson -vessel to R.P. Buck & Co. Left no vessels at Salt Cay.

1872, April 24, New York Times, Marine Intelligence:

Brig Annie R. Storer, (of Boston, ) Adams. from Sagua, arr. 22d, reports being 5 ds. N. of Hateras with N.E. gales; April 11, 5 miles E. from Salt Cay Bank saw a bark of about 500 tons burden, apparently British, ashore. lying on her broadside, with lower topsail set, apparently bilged, and appeared to have just gone ashore; another bark was close to her assisting in taking off her crew.

1874, Nov 23, New York Times, Marine Intelligence:

Arrived: Steamship Tybee, Gardner, Port-au-Prince Nov.9, Gonaives 12. and Salt Cay, T.I.,14th. with mdse. and passengers to L. Delmonte.