The Turks & Caicos Preservation Foundation Inc was founded as a Charitable Trust to raise funds to restore Government House on Salt Cay and aid in preserving the historic district of Salt Cay. We invite you to visit Salt Cay to understand why this project is so important.

Salt Cay Government House 2013 - during priming and painting stages - photo by Marta Morton

Salt Cay Government House 2013 – during priming and painting stages

If you are unable to travel to Salt Cay, please take a moment on our website pages “Salt Cay Today” for an idea of the fragile history of this small island, and follow our progress on “Salt Cay Government House Project”.

The small population living on Salt Cay recognizes the importance of the history that surrounds them. The TCP Foundation applauds this tiny community for their many hours of selfless volunteer labour to make the island the charming destination that it remains today. The TCPF desires to put a larger voice on this undertaking and generate some support from further resources to keep this national treasure alive.

  • Projects to be undertaken in the Salt Cay historic district include:
  • Restoration of Government House
  • Restore a typical salt raker home
  • Restoring a Salt Pond to produce salt
  • Plaques for all historic buildings
  • Donation wall plaque with all donator names enscribed


Donations, large or small are welcome.

The foundation target is $650,000. All donations made to the Turks & Caicos Preservation Foundation will go directly to pay for the restoration work without deductions of any kind. Every donation will be acknowledged permanently on a panel at Government House.

Not all donations are monetary.If you have a skill such as marketing or carpentry and you are willing to help we will recognize your service.


Scan 71

Archives from the District Commissioners basement

In the summer of 2014 the basement at the DC’s office underwent a ‘cleanup’. With permission, some of the old records were rescued and carefully cleaned and scanned by Candy Herwin. The papers were filthy, very brittle and not at all easy to work with. Here are some samples from a box, showing tidbits of the salt industry in …

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Before repairs in 2013

Benevolent Society of Salt Cay

Revival of the ‘Friendly Society circa 1830′ and its historic and Community Importance By Candy Herwin The Old ‘Benevolent Society’ aka ‘Brotherhood Lodge’  Another intriguing tourist attraction for Salt Cay is gradually being restored  as the renovations move forward  providing further historic evidence of a bygone era and supporting the notion that visitors to the island …

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