Hurricane Irma Sept 8, 2017 severely affected Salt Cay, followed by Hurricane Maria on Sept 22, 2017. For updates on the recovery progress please access the following:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/428815890546230/Spotlight on Salt Cay

Candy message for 14th Oct /2017.

1. For those who are seeking information regarding the
restoration of electricity.

There is a proposed list of dates, at the lower part of their page.

3. We are most thankful for their collective expertise
and hard work, we look forward to their arrival.


Candy message 13th Oct/ 2017
1. Today the Police Boat transported almost the whole present population of Salt Cay to Grand Turk for a shopping spree.

To the delight of one and all, the Police Boat will be
carrying out such regular trips until Alan’s boat is fully repaired from it’s damage by Irma.

2. In the near future FortisTCI’s restoration program will commence on Salt Cay; Crews will begin repairs on the downed or damaged poles.
New poles are on their way by ship.



1. District Commissioner Almaida Wilson, arranged the delivery by the Police Boat of various essential supplies, which were most needed and happily received.

2. Salt Cay is gradually moving to the welcomed stage of

3. Alan and his team of 4 – each deserve to receive a ‘solid Gold medal’ for their continuous long hours of clearing the extensive tons of of rubble, rubbish and fallen trees; especially from those areas difficult to access by the backhoe and long lorry.
The haulage finally being taken to the dump.


October 8 at 7:46pm

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Candy Herwin

Salt Cay….pile of Seaweed and mud from Ms Nettie’s house from after Hurricane Irma….now all cleared out,removed …well done clean up team


CANDY MESSAGE 1st October/2017

Candy’s Satellite nav. was orbiting in all directions around the globe this morning, thus the transmission
was almost minus!
Therefore, the following info. will be somewhat abbreviated!

1. This morning we were very pleased to welcome
John Gallymore, John from Pro Divers and 2 brothers from Visit TCI.

2. Our present Community enthusiastically welcomed
the landing of the massive Chinook Helicopter, all helping to unload and transport a vast quantity of vegetables, fruit and further selection of supplies to the Relieve Centre.

3. All, wish to extend their thanks to the Army, Navy and Air Force, each team for their various rescue activities; not forgetting the vast help and support of those people indigenous to the TCI.

‘Those on Salt Cay are appreciative of the delivery of petrol, gas and fruit and further necessities from across the sea by Smithy and his crew’.

Geoff Wells, your advice is appreciated! Jean



1. Those on Salt Cay are very appreciative of the delivery of petrol, gas, fruit and further necessities, from across the sea, by Smithy and his crew.

2. The District Commissioner visited Salt Cay, to ascertain all that will be required to help a forward recovery program.3. Professionals who started the water desalination a few days ago, have progressed to the stage of supplying ‘portable’ water to drink.

4. Alan and crew have now cleared the dock of all types of debris.

5. Mosquitoes are now breeding en-masse; please remember to bring sprays and face cream protection.
Food, especially fruit.



This well received response was conveyed midday yesterday 29th Sept./17 from the Hon. Premier Sharlene Cartwright.
“Thank you Candy Herwin.
The District Commissioner Almaida Wilson, is busy obtaining the approvals to get the Shelter repaired – to return to the Island as she, along with others have been displaced.
She will be back on Monday with Public Works. And will bring more fruits.
Regarding mosquitoes and other health concerns, TEAM HEALTH will be in tomorrow; also Caicos Express Airways is awaiting approval to bring in more relief for the now 60 plus residents.”

Reply from Candy and team to the Premier and Staff; thank you for the above significant communication, we appreciate your sincere support and aid with these present and ongoing urgent matters.
1. Needed as soon as possible are (tarps)- tarpaulins to cover the roofs, we now have very few left, which will be put in place today.
2. Yesterday, Environmental Health team came to check the medical clinic, which will be up and running this week.
3. Needless to say there is a dire need for light-weight motorised transport, however by a miracle, Keith and Brett (the desalination experts) managed to find a conveyance of some sort on which they delivered a quantity of clean water to various houses in the South and then headed North.
4. Alan and crew are maneuvering the backhoe in areas that still need to be cleared.

Candy message September 28th/20/17

1. Care International Aviation once again delivered hot food, pre- packed sandwiches and water, which are being served from the Methodist Hall.

2. Also delivered were more diesel fuel and hydrolic fluids for Alan’s backhoe.

3. Some folk returned to the Island via the Police Boat.
Many are finding their properties in need of extensive repair.

4. Sincere advice for those who may follow, since, at this time you will be living under extremely difficult conditions.

It is imperative to take the very basic ‘hygiene needs’, especially antiseptic face and hand wipes. Other necessities are, triple batteries, solo powered lights, extra batteries in airtight containers, fully charged cell phone, head or torchlights.

https://www.gofundme.com/salt-cay-fund to raise funds for hurricane relief


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Since inception the Foundation has focused on Salt Cay with its extraordinary potential to become an international tourist attraction. This small island, important for its production of salt from the 17th century to the 1960’s, retains much of its original historic character with salt pans, early 19th century salt proprietors houses, salt raker houses, churches, the Government House and the Benevolence Hall still in existence.

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